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InfoMina offers professional services of documentation and synthesis from public sources, helps you know who your competitors are and to early identify the market opportunities or possible threats.
In this very complex business environment, success is linked to the awareness of the fast changing events that impact over organizations. The quantity of information that we have to deal with is growing exponentially and its impact over businesses is hard to anticipate.
Our role is to help you to act better than the competitors by providing you with sharp and quality information about them and about the business environment, thus ensuring for you a real, consistent basis for your decision.

Our vision
Transforming information in a weapon against competition.

Our mission
To provide you with the correct information based on which you can make the right decision.

Our objectives
We use open sources information to provide documentation and synthesis relevant for your business
We provide early identification and prevention for market threats and for operational risks
Our documentation results are purposed to complete your internal company data thus spotting new directions or potential problems which otherwise may have gone unnoticed
We continuously monitor informational targets considered significant for your business

Experience in the fields of
financial services, it&c, capital markets, real-estate, pharma, utilities

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